Confessions of a Web Developer XV

Confessions of a Web Developer XV
By ID Media | Friday 1st July 2016
  • I sometimes regret being a software engineer. I’ve been doing a lot of manual labor for a friend lately (helping him build his house) and at the end of the day I see a physical object built and I’m cut up and tired. My fingers are bleeding, my legs are tired and dirty, and I’m ready to pass out. Satisfaction. Other times I see college kids cutting my neighbor’s lawn and I’m incredibly jealous, as I’m stuck on this damn machine every day…
  • …though accountants would inform me it’s better to do what I do.
  • I’m getting really annoyed with Apple and the lack of advancement with Safari. No webm support, still prefixing properties Chrome unprefixed forever ago…get with it, Apple. Now I get why Google created Blink…
  • I don’t live in California and I’m glad I don’t. Last trip I went to a bar with dev friends after work and everyone around me was talking tech. There’s more to life than tech. When you leave work…leave work.
  • I feel like a terrible father. Even when I’m having fun with my son, I catch myself playing around on phone constantly. Checking Twitter, Facebook, my stocks, etc. A horrible habit I need to train myself away from.
  • Maybe Greece’s dire financial situation will make my bitcoin investment green again…
  • HBO and Showtime now available as their own service…a la carte TV is coming, and I cannot wait. I have Netflix, HBO Now, and Showtime for less than $40. Miles better than cable.
  • I don’t do framework-centric posts anymore and it seems weird — remember when frameworks ruled the world?!
  • I’m so cheap that I have a hard time using gift cards. Man, I’m cheap.
  • The only thing keeping cable television companies in business? Live sports.
  • Having writer’s block sucks. It happens too often lately.
  • My Node.js skills are pathetic. I’m petrified that I’ve fallen behind in this industry.

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