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icon-eye indesign mediaBy InDesign Media | icon-eye indesign mediaSep 25, 2017 | icon-eye indesign media754 Views
icon-eye indesign mediaSep 25, 2017
icon-eye indesign mediaBy InDesign Media

When Cloudflare started, our company needed two things: an initial group of users, and the finances to fund our development. We know most developers face the same issues. The Cloudflare Apps Platform solves the first problem by allowing third parties to develop applications. They can deliver it across Cloudflare’s edge network to any of the six million sites powered by Cloudflare. The Developer Fund alleviates the second by giving developers the financial support they need to fund their company. Today, we are excited to announce another initiative that will make it possible for developers to make their app dreams a reality.

Cloudflare and Google Cloud are working together to offer developers the resources needed to quickly launch Cloudflare Apps. This partnership will give any Apps developer the chance to access a wide range of benefits. Not to mention they get $3k – $100k of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for one year at no cost.

Some startups will also be eligible for 24/7 technical support, and access to GCP’s technical solutions team. This supports a core belief of the Apps initiative. Thus, we want developers to focus on building great Apps, not worry about paying for infrastructure.

Hundreds of startups have already built successful applications on Apps and those applications have grown to serve hundreds of thousands of users. This program with Google Cloud significantly decreases the friction to getting up and running on Cloudflare Apps. This allows the next generation of developers and startups to make their living by building Apps.

How does it work?

$100k for Exceptional Apps: After an approval process your App could be awarded $20k in Cloud Credits, extendable to $100k based on usage in the first year.

Up to $3,000 for early stage startups: If you are an early-stage startup you are entitled to a $3,000 Google Cloud credit. Even if you aren’t quite a startup yet, you are entitled to $500 if you are a first-time Google Cloud Platform user, and $200 if you are an existing user.

Source: https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-and-google-offer-app-developers-100k/

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