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Colors & Sales

Colors & Sales are interrelated in every business. It makes a lot of sense to choose your colour wisely as your choices can send specific messages to your customers or clients.
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Colour is like a silent salesperson that works tirelessly for you.

Colors & Sales are interrelated in every business. It makes a lot of sense to choose your colour wisely as your choices can send specific messages to your customers or clients. Colour is a vital key element in communication, enticing and attracting people to your product or service. It creates brand identity and, most importantly, helps set the scene to make a sale.

Psychologists have found that colour can account for up to 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a new product or service. So it’s no wonder that corporate companies spend millions of dollars on colour choices because of the psychological effects they have on the consumer.

The power of Color

The power of colour is something that most people are unaware of, but the fact is, very few people are unaffected by it.

Colour effects people in many ways depending on age, gender and ethnic background. Certain colours or groups of colour tend to evoke a similar reaction from most people and this is how it can be of used to help improve sales.

Our designers have had extensive colour combination experience in our proprietary methodology to help you achieve optimum results for your product or service.

Why is color important to your brand?

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, colours may just be part of the basics but for businesses– they stand a crucial role.

Color is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. Also, colour is the secret in producing a good identity for a company. Colors are more than just a visual aid because colours convey emotions, feelings and experiences. There are meanings behind various colours and for companies, it will help if they are abreast with this because choosing a colour scheme can affect their business – it may either make or break them.


Every colour has an equivalent meaning behind it and conveys a certain feeling which makes them all the more vital, that’s why it pays if business owners have a little background before choosing a colour scheme.


This shade elicits simplicity and stability. It also looks very down to earth.


Red is a powerful colour. It is also very energetic, aggressive and provocative. Red can be used to incorporate passion and energy to your product.


This colour symbolizes health and nature. It also has a calming feeling especially for lighter shades of green.


Yellow is the colour for vibrancy and optimism. It can also be motivating and captivating that’s why some tag prices are in this colour because it helps get the attention of customers.


This colour offers sophistication, nostalgia, exclusivity and royalty making it perfect for some of those selling expensive jewellery.


Blue is seen to be very positive colour. It may invoke trust, security and responsibility. Blue instils trust and security that’s why there are many institutions that count on this colour.


This colour can be effective for children because of its cheerful, friendly and fun feel.


Dark shades of pink are very energetic and instils excitement while lighter shades show a romantic feel.


The color of compromise. Grey is considered to be an unemotional, detatched color seeking to avoid attention. Grey would not be considered a glamorous colour, yet is still elegant.


Black promotes a serious or classic campaign. There is also sophistication and exclusivity in this colour which works well with expensive products.


The color of spirituality. The energy of red with the calm of blue combine to create violet, a color that inspires reflection and self awareness.


This colour looks very plain but when used, it shows purity, cleanliness and is very enticing to the human eye.

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