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icon-eye indesign mediaSep 15, 2017
icon-eye indesign mediaBy InDesign Media

Here, is the list of top 8 Shopping Cart Platform 2017:

Big Commerce


Total Ecommerce solutions for high-volume businesses
● Tutorials & knowledge base to support customers
● Also, it provides all tools needed to accomodate a growing business
● Furthermore, it allows for easy inclusion of apps & plugins on mobile sites



Incredibly intuitive builder is among the best shopping cart platform in the industry
● Among the most user-friendly tools of its kind
● Additionally, its new Artificial Design Intelligence creates sites in minutes
● Also, user interface is clean, well-organized, and easy-to-use.



Themes are customizable to fit any business’s needs
● All-in-one solution that is one of the best in the business
● Similarly, free themes are elegant & cross-platform compatible
● Moreover, it comes with powerful SEO tools to optimize urls and boost site rankings

Woo Commerce


Easily migrate existing sites from other platforms
● Great choice for a simple, affordable cart solution
● Complete shopping cart solution for online business owners
● WordPress plugins, SEO tools & social media integration



Top of the line branding and marketing tools
● SEO-freindly shopping cart
● Also, it supports real-time shipping and tracking
● No coding required



Plans offer automatic backups to keep website files safe
● Facebook Messenger helps sellers & customers connect
● In addition, Apple Pay doubles conversion rates when installed
● Also, it has PCI compliant & SSL for transaction protection


1 Shopping Cart

Create coupons, discounts & promotions
● Incredibly easy for beginners to have a customizable storefront
● Furthermore, it includes social media buttons, catalog & reliable shopping cart
● Also, it provides a checklist which ensures you won’t skip anything



It offers a rich feature set with catalog software
● Social media and WordPress integration
● In addition, it works with any web editing tools
● Custom page extensions

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