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Organization: missmongolnepal.com

Miss Mongol Nepal

Among the numerous beauty pageants in Nepal, Miss Mongol, which has created a niche of its own, will now return for its 2017 edition with a whole new look! They commenced our journey in 2009 and have successfully completed its eighth edition in 2016. They are now on full-scale planning and preparation for its ninth, tenth and eleventh editions beginning with 2017 as a never before seen creative and glamorous edition, 2018 will be aimed for International, and 2019 is envisioned as High-Tech edition.

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Ashok Pyasi Rai

Client's Review

They driven by a real passion for understanding and mastering design, search and social marketing. I’m always impressed by the work they do for me and thrilled when I have the opportunity to work with.

Mr. Ashok Pyasi Rai
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